sábado, 22 de junho de 2013

Sorry for yesterday, I didn't put anything in the Blog, but today I will compensate.

In Praia da Areia Branca there is a Club called Praia surf Club it was founded by local Surfers to provide support and events to everyone,since 1997.
Every year you have a championship of Surf and Body board in Praia da Areia Branca at September, but this year we gonna have two stages, one in 1 and 2 of June and other in 21 and 22 of September.
The first Stage it was really, has you can see in the photos...

And this video is from the last year, enjoy it!

To know more about Praia Surf Club, click here.

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quinta-feira, 20 de junho de 2013

Skating and their Benefits

I am a Surfer for 5 years, but sometimes you just don't have the waves, the gas or the time you want.
So that's why I skate too (with a Carver), because not only you train for the surf, like trimming and snaps, you also enjoy it, and want to explore more and more your skating skills.

Below I put two videos; the first is a little ride by the seawall at Praia da Areia Branca showing the view and the other one it's me and my brother in his Long Board like a pro!

I hope you enjoy!

Rui Sousa @ruipab

Areia Branca Beach Hostel, Team

quarta-feira, 19 de junho de 2013

First post introducing our Hostel

Situated in the center of Praia da Areia Branca, a small seaside town in the county of Lourinhã, has a prime location, 1 minutes walk from the beach and various services (ATM, supermarket, restaurants, bars, etc...). The town, still protected from the mass tourism becomes warm and homely, with a serene and youthful, ideal for spending a relaxing holiday at low cost in the west of Portugal However, its privileged geographical location is close to the big cities such as Lisbon (Portugal capital) and Peniche. At night, a sudden animation takes care of the beach bars and parties take place. The surrounding beaches are a beauty hard to beat and have great conditions for the practice sports in the water such as surfing, bodyboarding, kitesurfing and paddleboard, ideal place to whom wants to practice sports but also for those who want a quiet holiday at the seaside.
Areia Branca Beach Hostel is a Hostel for all types of clients practicing sports or not. It has two floors, 4 bedrooms, leisure areas and fully equipped kitchen. The decor has kept traces of the beach house and relaxed atmosphere you want on holiday.

We believe that here in the Areia Branca Beach Hostel you will have all the ingredients for an amazing vacation... beach, sun, warmth and good humor.

Rui Sousa

Areia Branca Beach Hostel

terça-feira, 18 de junho de 2013

Este post é especial e vai ser escrito em Português devido à importância que tem para a nossa localidade e região.

O nosso grande Amigo e Nadador Salvador de há 31 anos a esta parte Paulo Marques fez uma entrevista ao Diário de Noticias com intuito de mostrar a potencialidade dos desportos deslizantes e o seu beneficio em termos sociais e económicos.

Espero que gostem!

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Rui Sousa
Areia Branca Beach Hostel, Team

Our Partnerships: Haliotis Scuba Diving

Today I'm going to talk about one of ours partnerships, Haliotis and great experience that is Scuba Diving in Berlengas Island.

It was in Peniche that started the Haliotis project. Infrastructures above average and an optimized operating mode made this project a reference in the Portuguese world of diving. But nothing this would have been possible without Berlengas Island.

Since 14, in D. Afonso V reign Berlengas have the status of protected area. They are certainly the most appealing area for diving in the Portuguese mainland. Their famous visibilities and sea walth are tremendous appeal for divers who dream with exciting experiences.

Those who already experienced the dives in Gorgonians walls and see lots of pelagic in Autumn know what is exceed the emotions achieved here.
Bays of blue water with a lot of fiches, rocks, shoal of Sargus... there is a lot of dive spots for all divers levels.

Haliotis in Peniche is an example of quality and functionality. Continuously improved, in 2012 we got another boat, Lascaris, which once again become the reference for diving in Portugal.

Sunfish is the ex libris of Berlengas. His scientific name is Mola mola and it's the largest known fish with bones. It can reach 3 meters of height and 2300 kg weight. The large female can put around 300 000 000 eggs.

It has curious behaviors like "relax" in the surface in side and its brightness is reflected and visible from a distance. It also jumps out of the water which makes a great show.

In conclusion, it's a wonderful experience you can't miss and it's possible, go check the prices at this Link or in our website www.areiabrancabeachhostel.com

Rui Sousa
Areia Branca Beach hostel, Team

domingo, 16 de junho de 2013

Today I´m going to tell a story about what happens a couple years a go.

In the winter of 2010 the sand from Praia da Areia Branca was so little that the rocks were all showing in places that never were exposed since 1954, so the people start searching for gold object and coins and somebody got lucky, others just don't.

I hope you enjoy the video ;)
*Sorry it's in Portuguese.


Rui Sousa

Areia Branca Beach Hostel, Team

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Dinosaurs on Praia da Areia

Dinosaurs and the Museum of Lourinhã

Today I would like to show two little videos about the paleontologist treasure in the region of Lourinhã.
Since 1979 after the first discovery in several beaches, like Porto Dinheiro, Porto das Barcas e Praia da Areia Branca, they never stop to search for more traces and after create a association called G.A.E.L. (Group of Etiologic and Archaeological from Lourinhã), in 1984 they built a Museum in Lourinhã and gain several awards, like the Smallest Best Museum of the World, making Lourinhã the European Capital of Dinosaurs and after 25 years in 2009, they built a monument allusive to the first discovery the Lourinhanosaurus on the principal round about of Lourinhã.
In 2015 they are planning to open the biggest museum of the World called Jurassic World with 1100 m3 of the interior and exterior spaces with 250 models with real proportions and technological educational videos.
I hope you enjoy the video.)
*Sorry the videos are in Portuguese.

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Rui Sousa
Areia Branca Beach Hostel, Team.