domingo, 16 de junho de 2013

Dinosaurs on Praia da Areia

Dinosaurs and the Museum of Lourinhã

Today I would like to show two little videos about the paleontologist treasure in the region of Lourinhã.
Since 1979 after the first discovery in several beaches, like Porto Dinheiro, Porto das Barcas e Praia da Areia Branca, they never stop to search for more traces and after create a association called G.A.E.L. (Group of Etiologic and Archaeological from Lourinhã), in 1984 they built a Museum in Lourinhã and gain several awards, like the Smallest Best Museum of the World, making Lourinhã the European Capital of Dinosaurs and after 25 years in 2009, they built a monument allusive to the first discovery the Lourinhanosaurus on the principal round about of Lourinhã.
In 2015 they are planning to open the biggest museum of the World called Jurassic World with 1100 m3 of the interior and exterior spaces with 250 models with real proportions and technological educational videos.
I hope you enjoy the video.)
*Sorry the videos are in Portuguese.

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